Let me play with your mind
sketchboooklittle caricature of Jude himself hah
Redid old life drawing project a bit more accurately, was a nice refresh on the bodies muscles.
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Map I made in Illustrator of my hometownWoodstock, NYplan on doing a bit more with this to tighten it up
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My Queen of Diamonds card Digital painting, traditional drawing made for playing card assignment for Computer Illustration 1Suppose to represent like the Dragons jem- the dragons diamond, the two bodies making a diamond as a wholeMegan Stackhttps://www.facebook.com/MeganStackDraws
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25¢ Kids!

Comic made in psillustrator

Megan Stack
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sketch I did for gurney contest of teacher at rmcad.
It..was unsuccessful. But i just love my pen.
My first project with illustrator for computer illustration IComic on Finals week.. the time when your soul comes out to chow on your brain.Megan Stackhttps://www.facebook.com/MeganStackDraws
Quick pepper study painting in photoshop, really love my waccom tablet.
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